How Love Always Hopes

In the name of Almighty, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Peace, Mercy & Blessings of Almighty be upon you.

Love always hopes because love knows no darkness or failure. When we love, we see over the horizon and into the infinite.

Love can see the possible in impossible circumstances.

Love has hopes and expectations having no limits because love has no limits.

Love is the driving force of life.

Love knows there is no end to all the wonderful and precious parts of life.

Love always hopes because love redeems and restores no matter the circumstances.

Love overcomes death. Love overcomes sickness. Love overcomes the hell of the hereafter and hell here in the here and now of earth.

Since Almighty is love, Almighty always hopes we will continually be Almighty’s humble servants serving the world.

Please pray for peace in the world, I pray for you each day In Almighty’s love & grace. Our Lord The All-Hearing, we love you. We are grateful for the abundance we create. Our words cannot express our thankfulness and gratitude for what you have done for us all the days of our life, to you we give thanks, glory, and honor this hour. In your love and grace, please help us start a new day with your ever-listening power. Aameen.

Enjoy Almighty’s Blessings & Relax!

Nadeem Zaigham

April 11, 2021